Photo: Alex Kacha.

“Jake is a Holodeck artist now, and we have a release in the works,” Adam Jones (S U R V I V E, Thousand Foot Whale Claw and label head at Holodeck Records) to Central Track.

Dallas electronic musician and composer Jake Schrock announced himself to a wider audience earlier this year with an impressive turn out on the stellar 30 track Holodeck Records Vision One compilation. His contribution to it, the smooth and spacey slow burner ‘Levitation Station’ with its rounded modular edges and expansive feel heralded both a culmination and beginning of sorts in the analog artist’s relationship with the esteemed Austin based label.  Having met Michael Stein at recording school, the long time friend and collaborator to and with the members of S U R V I V E and the Holodeck crew, Schrock was always going to end up on the label. It was just a matter of when he felt ready and able to take that inevitable next step.

If ‘Levitation Station’ can be described as that next step then a giant leap is the only way to describe ‘Cosmic Ocean’ the brilliant first taste from his impending debut album for the label, Tropical Depression. A thrillingly dramatic galaxy sized core motif is expertly twinned with a disciplined bass lined rhythm and both are patiently surrounded by washes of synth and oscillating effects that range from the wispy to the weighty. At once as wondrous in its enveloping nature as it is pensive in its structure and detail, ‘Cosmic Ocean’ forms just one part of the diverse seven part sonic adventure that is Tropical Depression. There is little doubt Stein, Jones and company would be over the moon with what their good mate and fellow analog and modular aficionado has gifted them.

Tropical Depression is out digitally and on cassette through Holodeck Records on July 27th. Pre-order it here. The cassette tracklist, stream of the track and Alex Von Kurkendall directed video are below.


1. Surface Data
2. Cosmic Ocean
3. Hyperphysics
4. Progress
5. Tropical Depression
6. Pressure Change
7. Cerebral Shelter


Cosmic Ocean

Jake Schrock (USA)

From the forthcoming cassette & digital album, ‘Tropical Depression’, Holodeck Records. Out Jul 27.

Jake Schrock Soundcloud

Audio Stream

Official Video

Jake Schrock – Cosmic Ocean (Official Video) from HOLODECK on Vimeo.