Stockholm based Australian artist Thomas Savage aka VILDE has released the thrillingly fractious and tense second single ‘Warm Milk’ from his forthcoming album Thud. Eschewing the traditional verse/chorus structure its a track in three parts with Savage’s dual drawl cum falsetto voice a standout. It’s beginning is a dramatic combination of pummeling toms and galactic synths before dirty muddy bass becomes a constant beneath a motorik beat which sits a little stitled up against the chord progressions. The finale sees that beat finally sprung back into a strident 4/4 rhythm complete with infectious guitar melody that is retained as kaleidoscopic synths enter the fray late. Watch the unsettling video he created for the track with Elin Ghersinich below. Thud is out on We Are Golden July 13.


Warm Milk


From the forthcoming album, ‘Thud’, We Are Golden. Out July 13.

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