The last few weeks have been quite an unbelievable month album wise in Techno’s cerebral music world. In a genre not best known for its long form efforts, the last few Fridays have seen nine quality album releases which formed the backbone for the beginning of our New Independent & Underground Techno Playlist. The 18th of May kicked it all off with the release of Surgeon’s amazing Luminosity Device which we should of covered here. It was accompanied by Inigo Kennedy’s boundary pushing Strata, Skee Mask’s sublime Compro and Side Effects from Lucas Slater’s L.B. Dub Corp project. The 25th May saw Alexander Kowalski return to his techno roots and release the hard hitting Cycles, his first album since 2004. The same day saw Spanish producers, Oscar Mulero, Valentín Corujo and Héctor Sandoval (Exium) and Juan Rico (Reeko) unleash the 50th release on Polegroup as Seleccion Natural. Simultaneously, Sandoval also dropped his impressive debut Graphical under his new Tensal moniker. June 1st saw Modeselektor release their fine fourth compilation Modeselektion Vol. 4 which included their own stellar track ‘Kalif Storch’while  Blawan released his long awaited debut album Wet Will Always Dry last week.

There have also been some sound shorter form releases during this time from Setoac Mass, Flug, Sandra Mosh, Tim Jackman, Shed, LOR, Barker, Roby M. Rage, Femanyst & Piotr G & Dubiosity. In addition to Sandoval’s release the aforementioned Mulero and Rico (Reeko) released more new material last week as well. Mulero in the form of the 12 track 8 substantive “EP” Electric Shades and Rico the 4 track For The Right Hemisphere Brain Damage EP respectively. British DJ/Producer Luke Standing’s Blue Hour completes the quality short forms with his new EP Beyond The Void.

We’ve put together a playlist featuring each of the aforementioned artists in order of mention below. Before you check that out listen to pummelling ‘Damage #1 from Reeko and the equally intense Beyond The Void the title track from the Blue Hour release.

And we can’t of a better way of rectifying the Surgeon omission than for Anthony Child to share, mentor to mentee, our upcoming album of the week slot with Jamie Roberts (Blawan).


Damage #1

Reeko (ESP)

From the EP, ‘For The Right Hemisphere Brain Damage’, Blue Hour Music.

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Beyond The Void

Blue Hour (ENG)

From the EP, ‘Beyond The Void’, Blue Hour Music.

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From Surgeon To Blawan: The Last Month In Techno +

Various Artists

An Indie30 Playlist

Audio Stream