We’ve heard little from the Keinemusik crew in the way of original music in 2018 and since the release of deep house trio’s debut album You Are Safe at the death of 2017, only a few tasty but intermittent remixes have surfaced on the label. Last Friday Adam Port finally ended the silence with the release of the two track EP ‘Do You Still Think Of Me’. The heightened restraint in the atmospherics that swirl around the title track’s unlikely central motif which rests on four minor piano chords is complemented by the elemental unity on display between rhythm, melody and the cultivated space in between. It gives the track its deliberative and circular nature. Inventive and layered percussive arrangements offer an innovative take on a rhythmically familiar theme. They fit hand in glove with the sparse but meaningfully played piano chords, the peripheral synth strings which hang lilting underneath providing balance and the slight yet constant manipulations to the blippy arpeggio which serves as the track’s tension builder and stays for the ride in large part throughout proceedings. ‘Do You Still Think Of Me’ is a gentle yet powerful reminder why Port and co. have been missed. Listen to the track below and get it on vinyl here.


Do You Still Think Of Me

Adam Port (GER)

From the EP, ‘Do You Still Think Of Me’, Keinemusik

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