Toronto producer Nathan Micay otherwise known as Bwana, has produced a gorgeously widescreen two tracker under his own name for London label Whities. The deep house inspired ‘First Casualty’ is an exuberant exhibit of delicate defiance while ‘Beginning Ballads’  gradually and in ethereal fashion veers towards a tough yet smooth techno finish. Micay has described both tracks as the most personal work he has committed to tape to date and represent both the dance floor and the club as escape from and a repudiation of the depressive 24 hour news cycle and the caustic insecurities that drive social media. Listen to the latter track below and check out ‘First Casualty’ in our Independent House playlist here. Whities 017 is available digitally here. Vinyl sold out.


Beginning Ballads

Nathan Micay (CAN)

From the EP, ‘Whities 017’, Whities.

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