Los Angeles based DJ/Producer Daniel Terndrup aka Daniel T., has announced the release of his debut album Heliotrope. The sun kissed first single is ‘Heat-Wave’ a shimmering piece of disco/house named after his radio show and weekly party night at Gold Diggers. The fastidious record collector and prolific remixer formerly constituted one half of Cosmic Kids alongside Ron Poznansky before going solo and releasing his globally focused and sonically kaleidoscopic debut mini-album Tetrachromat in 2015. Cannot wait to lay the ears on the full album which sports collaboration on vocals from Ohara Hale and Eiko Hara, plus a cameo by Poolside’s Filip Nikolic aka Turbotito.

We’re pleased to say that Heliotrope will be released on September 14 through one of our long time favourite labels Cascine. Pre-order the album here and listen to Heat-Wave below.


1. Breath Mint
2. Call (feat. Ohara Hale)
3. Moonlight Bounce
4. Heat-Wave
5. Rosewood Strut
6. Master Plan
7. Heliotrope
8. Back Again (feat. Turbotito)
9. JoJo’s Jam
10. Ovals
11. Windy Lady (feat. Eiko Hara)
12. Redline



Daniel T. (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Heliotrope’, Cascine.

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