Melbourne pop troubadour Gregor has announced the upcoming release of his debut album Silver Drop and unveiled its earnest and heartfelt first single, the  ‘A Song About Holding Hands’. Lush woozy synth, an engaging bass hook and a slow stilted beat provide the perfect platform for Gregor’s tender deadpan vocals to awkwardly attach deep emotion to a simple expression of affection. Silver Drop is out October 5 through Chapter Music on limited edition bone coloured vinyl, black vinyl and digital. Pre-order here. Listen to the single below which is holding court as lead track in our constantly updated New Independent Electronic Pop Playlist on Spotify which contains a plethora of similar new music treats. Access it here.

Tracklist – Silver Drop

1. This Heat
2. Fishing Net
3. I Look Devastated
4. Revise Me
5. Silver Drop
6. Wish You Saw
7. A Song About Holding Hands 
8. I’ll Prove It To You
9. Something Irrelevant
10. Bugs


A Song About Holding Hands

Gregor (AUS)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Silver Drop’, Chapter Music.

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