The second edition of the RV Trax series curated by R&S head Renaat Vandepapeliere was released by the label on August 3. We waxed lyrical about the contribution of French duo G-Prod to Volume One back in February and gave a little background into Vandepapeliere’s salient and ‘indie as fuck’ reasons for creating the series. You can read about that here.

Volume Two centres on classic House and Techno inspired DJ/producers from Britain, France and Italy who have either been criminally underrated or are young, promising and yet to be hyped. It sees the coming together of classic British, French and Italian House and Techno styles  includes the “jazz techno” of  ‘Voyager’ from English electronic music veteran Paul Weston’s experimental electronic project Wavescape, which you’ll find in our Electronic and Experimental Playlist here. Also featuring on the four track release are young French DJ/Producer Simon Hamelin aka A-Sim (more about him below) with the exquisitely uncertain melancholy of ‘Love & Hate’ and underrated DIY deep techno journeyman and fellow Frenchman Marc Vain who contributes the trippy melodic minimalism of ‘Samurai’. Finally, mysterious Italian newcomer Blackstone, who appears to have no internet presence whatsoever ends proceedings with the drum mix frenzy of ‘Samba Obscura’. It’s another solid and diverse selection of artists and tracks chosen by Vandepapeliere and if you’re so inclined you can purchase it here.

As a further development, A-Sim’s new electro inspired  EP Disaster Theory will be released September 24* on Rawax Motor City. Pre-order it here and check out snippets on Soundcloud. Listen to his R&S contribution below.


Love & Hate

A-Sim (FRA)

From the compilation, ‘RV Trax Vol. 2’, R&S Records.

Audio Stream

*This title and of this article and the release date of A-Sim’s Disaster  have been amended to correct an error which stated that Disaster Theory has already been released.