Former Madison and now Austin based experimental electronic artist Samantha Glass, the ever developing identity of Beau Devereaux have announced the forthcoming release of their brand new album for Holodeck Records. Nine Memories Between Impression And Imprint. While retaining the allure of abstraction and their penchant for experimentation, it sees the dual identities musically, lyrically and thematically at their most open and complete point to date. It follows up last year’s sensory six track EP Introducing The Confession and the 2016 full length Preparation For A Spot In The World, a beautifully abstract and diverse work of dissonance and self exploration.

The first single lifted from the new record is the stunning darkwave inspired  ‘Cruel Anxiety’. It achieves simultaneously a toweringly cavernous and claustrophobically dense feel which reads like the musical representation of the gender identity spectrum we all traverse. In its plea for both the anxious and the cruel to be set free from what is still essentially an insecure and vicious gender binary obsessed world, it’s the most lyrically direct track Glass has put to tape in their long, intense and difficult personal journey towards self identity and some sort of comfort.

‘Cruel Anxiety’ comes complete with the self directed video below. It’s grainy 20’s era silent film visuals evoke the open cabaret culture of Berlin and feature both Devereaux and a partially obscured Glass singing direct to camera. Devereaux as Glass is actually revealed for a fleeting second very much in keeping their increasing confidence as seen from the press photo above and the track’s unguarded openness. It’s an appeal to reason and for the open acceptance for what is actually natural, for fluidity in gender identity and a freedom from binary constraints. Nine Memories Between Impression And Imprint is out October 12 on Holodeck Records. Pre-order it on 180 gram 12″ black vinyl, cassette and digital download here.


1. Dancing Against Reality
2. Carriers Of The Wind
3. Putting The Male To Rest
4. Cruel Anxiety
5. Behind Our Wings
6. Addicted To Sweating
7. Discreet & Perfect For Travel
8. The Carpenter In Us All


Cruel Anxiety

Samantha Glass (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Nine Memories Between Impression And Imprint’, Holodeck Records. Out Oct. 12.

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