Photo: Hsiang Hsiang Wang

Das Body, the project of Oslo left field electronic pop artist Ellie Linden have released ‘Graceland’, a motorik inspired three minute piece of dark pop brilliance. Linden has stated that the track is ‘more a feeling than a song’ and that feeling is one of confusion and uncertainty, musically represented in its compact and ethereal beginning.

A disciplined 4/4 beat is accompanied only by strange off kilter synth chords and their restrained reverberated rumble. Adding to the feeling of disorientation is Linden’s sugar sweet vocal tones juxtaposed up against their determined yet wispy delivery and the dark musical hues. Out of nowhere two thirds the way through it changes tack completely launching into an expansive outro that takes up its final minute, the last half of which is almost celebratory.

‘Graceland’ along with previous track ‘Boys’ will appear with two others on Das Body’s debut EP on September 28 through Luminelle Recordings. Listen to it below and pre-order the EP on vinyl here.



Das Body (NOR)

From the forthcoming EP, ‘Das Body’, Luminelle Recordings. Out Sept. 28.

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