30. Great


From the forthcoming album, ‘Joy as an Act of Resistance’, Partisan. Out Aug 31.

Official Video


29. Graceland

Das Body (NOR)

From the forthcoming EP, ‘Das Body’, Luminelle Recordings. Out Sept. 28.

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28. There You Are

Kirsten Ludwig (CAN)

From the forthcoming album , We Get It Now’, Oskar St Records. Out Oct. 5.

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27. Undecided


From the single, ‘Undecided’, Self Released.

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26. Mmuo (Original Mix)

Patricia Kokett (LIT)

From the EP, ‘Diabel’, Knekelhuis.

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25. Make Time 4 Love

The Goon Sax (AUS)

From the forthcoming album, ‘We’re Not Talking’, Chapter Music/Wichita. Out Sept. 14.

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Official Video


24. Bags And Cans

Protomartyr / Spray Can (USA)

From the double A sided single, ‘Irony Prompts A Party Rat’, Monofonus. 

Audio Stream


23. D-Tach

G-Prod (FRA)

From the EP, ‘Alchemic’, Specimen Records.

Audio Stream


22. Beirut

Tone Depth (CAN)

From the single, ‘Beirut’, Fryhide. 

Audio Stream


21. Charcoal

Black Plastic (USA)

From the double A sided single ‘Savage And Charcoal’, Cleopatra Records.

Official Video

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