TOP 30 – AUGUST 29, 2018: VOL.10 NO.26

TOP 30 – AUGUST 29, 2018: VOL.10 NO.26

IMPORTANT CHANGE: Due to time constraints, the tedious nature of data entry and the need to spend more time on sourcing new music and presenting it here, after 10 years and 400 weeks, Indie30 will no longer provide a chart list with artist/track details/streams and videos. Providing chart information in this way was taking between 5 and 6 hours to update on Wednesday of each week which is no longer sustainable. We initially were going to plough on until the end of the year, but have decided to bite the bullet and do it now.

We will endeavour to share all release details and media during the week as individual posts like we have always done for the most part anyway.

The Top 30 Player in the sidebar will remain to count down the tracks from 30-1 while this spot will be taken up by the embedded Spotify player of the the chart that will represent it in numerical order from 1-30. Remember to follow the Top 30 playlists you must follow each week and each week’s list is a separate playlist.

TOP 30 AUGUST 29, 2018

NOTE (not available on Spotify)

24. Stephanie Sykes (GER) – Interference (Animal Farm)

24-29 in the Spotify list above are in fact 25-30.