Montreal artist/producer Marie Davidson has announced the impending release her fourth full length album Working Class Woman. It’s her most personal record to date and is built on Davidson’s idiosyncratic take on a plethora of electronic genres and her spoken text observations and forthright reflections of working within the spheres of dance music and club culture while based in Berlin. These she often expresses through her literary influences and a healthy dose of caustic humour and self-deprecation.

The first single is the percussion heavy sensation ‘So Right’. A track of two halves, it begins with an expectant three minute hybrid of French-Canadian Synth pop/Electronic Body Music until it hits the three minute mark when it ever so slightly veers down the techno and house road. Both influences then work back in and join the aforementioned elements upon their return for a compositionally clever and dramatic outro. Lyrically it laments the fleeting nature of the club mood.

‘So Right’ is one of Davidson’s finest works and augers well for the rest of the album. Working Class Woman is out on October 5 through Ninja Tune. Pre-order on digital and vinyl here.

Listen to ‘So Right’ below and grab the single, which features an extended mix of the original and a slowed down 9 minute remix from John Talabot, here.


1. Your Biggest Fan
2. Work It
3. The Psychologist 
4. Lara
5. Day Dreaming 
6. The Tunnel
7. Workaholic Paranoid Bitch 
8. So Right
9. Burn Me
10. La chambre intérieure


So Right

Marie Davidson (CAN)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Working Class Woman’, Ninja Tune. Out Oct 5.

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