Photo: Miriam Semb Namork

Wait, Don’t fade away, I’m here
Diving into, My mind.

Three years after their excellent debut long player Silence, Malmö based experimental jazz-pop outfit We Float, the project coalescing around the songwriting of Norwegian bassist Anne Marte Eggen, have released ‘REM’, the first single off their long awaited second album What’s Really Real? Armed with the deft skills and abilities of her Swedish bandmates and guest guitarist Samuel Hällkvist at her disposal, Eggen is able to highlight every pop and jazz infused element, blending and consolidating them together in a compositional approach that has always served song and soundscape first ahead of virtuosity. Even the innovative and highly excitable moments in the outro retain a hazy, yet self-aware and minimalist discipline allowing the intended transportive magic to occur without distraction.

Deliberative bass work, rustic wire like effects and the ethereal vocals of Linda Bergström play an anticipatory role on the track’s first half as sparse guitar and keys are carefully inserted into the fray. The track then positively falls into a musical representation of the flurry of cerebral activity taking place during the section of sleep for which the track is named. The busy and weightless rhythm generated by Eggen and drummer Filip Bensefelt mimics the heightened state as hushed vocals return and pianist Fanny Gunnarsson and Hällkvist set about populating the dream with vividly shifting keys and shimmering guitar work.

What’s Really Real? was recorded at Sunnanå Studio with Tobias Ekqvist on production and according to Eggen from this point forward the band will reveal its results in the form of a new single every fortnight until its release date. Listen and watch the video for ‘REM’ below which sees Miriam Semb Närmork exquisitely capture the track’s interpretive and phantasmagoric nature. The full length is to be released on Havtorn Records and will be out November 9.


REM (feat. Samuel Hällkvist)

We Float (NOR/SWE)

From the forthcoming album, ‘What’s Really Real?’, Havtorn Records.

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