Dutch psychedelic pop auteur Jacco Gardner has released the melodious sub two minute ‘Volva’ the first little taster below from his forthcoming album, the all instrumental Somnium. His first release since 2015’s excellent Hypnophobia, its gestation period saw Gardner move to Portugal’s City of Light, a development that heavily influences the album. Lisbon will do that to you.

Named after the 1608 novel by Johannes Kepler, it was written at a time when the Dutch mercantilists were imagining all sorts of fantasy worlds during the era of European “discovery”. Forever trying to achieve psychedelic bliss through song and trying to recover the art of the album, Gardner removed his vocals from the record as in his words “…it made it more difficult for me to achieve the intended state of mind.” He also had this to say of the record;

“I think it makes the journey more interesting, more deep, and more intimate. I didn’t feel the need to show my face while one drifts away into thought. Somnium is a visionary experience. The album is more than just a trip, it is about contact with a deeper – hidden – reality. Somnium could be seen as a tribute to the album, a dying format in today’s fast-paced society. It can often be difficult to enjoy a meaningful uninterrupted moment. This album is where true mystery and wonder is waiting to be discovered.”

Somnium is out through Full Time Hobby on November 23. Pre-order a copy here.


1. Rising
2. Volva
3. Lagrangian Point
4. Past Navigator
5. Levania
6. Eclipse
07. Utopos
08. Rain
09. Privolva
10. Pale Blue Dot
11. Descent
12. Somnium



Jacco Gardner (NET)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Somnium’, Full Time Hobby. Out Nov 23.

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