The eighth full length album is imminent from Berlin based Swedish pop auteur Molly Nilsson and follows on from the themes contained on last years Imaginations. Called Twenty Twenty, it again sees Nilsson deliver a withering critique of the unequal and unjust waters neoliberalism, monopoly capitalism and its elitist white male beneficiaries have charted for the world. It’s named after and inspired by Nilsson’s imagined possibilities during and post 2020 when the beautiful people of the world must and will draw a line in the sand. Nilsson remains resolute, defiant and determined that the current nadir reached after three decades of dangerous anti-democratic neoliberalism will come under intense pressure. A time where slavish adherence to the cold harsh invisible hand of an inhumane market will be be in retreat one way or another. That the rule of of a certain oafish septuagenerian in the US will be over and there will be no going back to the same narrow  sycophantic corporate driven capitalist shit as before. In Nilsson’s own words from her bandcamp album page;

“After a cancelled flight I found myself stranded at the Tokyo airport overnight. Between my interrupted bench naps the surroundings found their way into my dreams, particularly the big banners in the departure hall stating: 2020. Not aware that they were announcing upcoming Olympic games, my imagination wandered. 2020, a leap year. The year of the rat, the election. Perfect vision. The year of hindsight. The repetition, the ritual of the superstitious. A spell cast on the approaching future; not yet there, but close enough to be seen with full clarity. The year itself seems to draw a circle around its followers, as to protect anyone who dares enter. And it all begins on a late-Capitalist night…”

The first single to appear from the album is the upbeat and driving ‘Days of Dust’ which sums up the above description to to a tee. Recorded in her Lighthouse Studios and a co-release between her imprint Dark Skies Association and Night School Records, Twenty Twenty will be out on November 9. Pre-order it here.


1. Every Night Is New
2. A Slice Of Lemon
3. Out Of The Blue
4. Your Shyness
5. Intermezzo: My Mental Motorcycle
6. Serious Flowers
7. I’m Your Fan
8. Gun Control
9. Days Of Dust 
10. Blinded By The Night


Days Of Dust

Molly Nilsson (SWE)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Twenty Twenty’, Dark Skies Association. Out Nov. 9.

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