The recent collaboration between English producer Allen Saei and Italian equivalent Simone Gatto continues the bear fruit. They debuted a few months back with the lively ‘Groove 1996’ on German producer Efdemin’s (Phillip Sollman) Naif compilation mix for Belgian label Curle Recordings. Now they’ve teamed with Curle again for their debut EP.

Spring Sun Blues contains three very different left field techno cuts indicative of the wide ranging solo work across electronic genres of both. The B side contains the blissed out and house sprinkled ambient techno of ‘No Clouds’ together with the steady, pulsating acid and bass infusion of ‘Weirdness’. Below we share the A side. The minimalist ‘A051’ works diligently throughout at a steady 130bpm deftly supported by a ethereal suite of surfacing and submerging synths and slight yet intricate percussion.

Spring Sun Blues is out now on Curle Recordings. Pick up a vinyl copy here. On digital here.



Aubrey & Simone Gatto (ENG/ITA)

From the EP, ‘Spring Sun Blues’, Curle Recordings.

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