“You know it’s so strange how sounds become music
And you can turn somethin’ so simple into somethin’ so beautiful”

“(And I wanna) see how everyone dances…”
Leticia Trandifir (softcoresoft) /Anastasia Vtorova (Machine Woman)

Berlin based Russian DJ/Producer Anastasia Vtorova aka Machine Woman has released a brand new track she made using samples contained in the sample pack ‘From My House To The Warehouse’ from Montreal producer Leticia Trandifir aka softcoresoft. Titled ‘Softcoresoft Is The Softest’, its a work of powerful minimalism and crunchy ambience and it sports the beautiful spoken word sample that provides the foreward to this post.

The pack the track was made from can be obtained on the online cloud based automated mastering services platform LANDR which Trandifir also writes for. Vtorova is exploring it as a publishing platform for future release possibilities through her label Take Away Jazz Records. The recent decision by Spotify to open up their platform to licensing deals and direct inclusion of releases from individual independent artists no doubt prompted Vtorova’s curiosity. And besides using the sample pack and exploring LANDR’s all round democratising possibilities, with this track she seems to be also taking a leaf out of Trandifil’s “don’t wait publish now” mantra from a blog post she wrote in 2016.

As big fans of Machine Woman’s work, with results like this Vtorova can publish her music in her sleep if she likes. Listen to ‘Softcoresoft Is The Softest’ below and head over the Take Away Jazz Records bandcamp page and pick up the track here for a NYP arrangement.

*If you visited LANDR’s front page and are wondering who the person at the keys is, it’s the lovely Montreal pop artist June Moon who works solo under the moniker Forever and forms one half of the soft pop duo Exit Someone with Tom Gillies.


Softcoresoft Is The Softest

Machine Woman (RUS)

From the NYP single, ‘Softcoresoft Is The Softest’, Take Away Jazz Records.

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