London producer Forest Drive West has quickly followed up the four track Hood 004 EP he released on Neighbourhood Records last month with his superb debut album Apparitions for Bristol’s Livity Sound. It’s a sumptuous feast of quality electronic music that takes in multiple genres and sub genres that cut across both Techno and Club music. It includes two hypnotic and glassy jungle inspired tracks at its bookends in the form of the involved ‘Cut & Run’ and the more staid ‘Cannibal’ while the opener is followed up by the minimal dub techno of ‘Transmission’ and the closer foreshadowed by the deep ambience of ‘Particles In Motion’.

The four centre tracks are a further illustration of his recent penchant for exploring the diverse world of techno music which greatly marked the aforementioned HOOD004 release. ‘Circles’ is a sublimely widescreen experience while ‘Vertigo’ is simply deft sub bass gold. The dramatic ‘Traveller’ is our pick for our Techno playlist on Spotify while ‘Phaze-Shift’ with its subtle rhythms and rich percussion is an audiophile’s dream. Check that track out below and get a copy of this superb record on vinyl through Livity Sound here.


1. Cut & Run
2. Transmission
3. Circles
4. Vertigo
5. Phaze-Shift
6. Traveller
7. Particles In Motion
8. Cannibal



Forest Drive West (ENG)

From the album, ‘Apparitions’, Livity Sound.

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