TOP 30 – OCTOBER 17, 2018: VOL.10 NO.33

TOP 30 – OCTOBER 17, 2018: VOL.10 NO.33


TOP 30 THE FULL LIST (Including Release details)

1. FOXTROTT (CAN) – Deliver from the album Meditations I-II-III (One Little Indian)
2. SHINICHI ATOBE (JPN) – Heat #1 from the album Heat (DDS)
3. SINGLE LASH (USA) – Frozen Honey from the forthcoming album Deliverance (Holodeck). Out October 26.
4. ELLEN ALLIEN (GER) – Take A Stand from the EP Take A Stand (Nonplus)
5. FRED THOMAS (USA) – House Show, Late December from the album Aftering (Polyvinyl)
6. CHRISTINE & THE QUEENS (FRA) – La Marcheuse from the album Chris (Because Music)
7. PUBLIC PRACTICE (USA) – Foundation from the forthcoming EP Distance Is A Mirror (Wharf Cat). Out October 26.
8. MARIE DAVIDSON (CAN) – Work It from the album Working Class Woman (Ninja Tune)
9. QRION (Feat. ELOQ) (JPN) – ‘GAF 2.0’ from the EP GAF 2 (Self Released)
10. DEMUIR(CAN) – How Beautiful You Are from the EP From Black To Technicolour (Music For Freaks)
11. SRSQ(USA) – Cherish from the forthcoming album Unreality (Dais Records). Out on October 26.
12. KIKAGAKU MOYO (JPN) – Fluffy Kosmisch from the album Masana Temples (Guruguru Brain).
13. WHISPERING SONS (BEL) – Alone from the forthcoming album Image (S.M.I.L.E.) Out on October 19.
14. TOY (ENG) – Energy from the forthcoming album Happy In The Hollow (Tough Love). Out in January 2019.
15. KLAUS JOHANN GROβE (GER) – Diskogedanken from the forthcoming album Du Bist So Symmetrisch (Trouble In Mind) Out October 26.
16. CYANIDE THORNTON (AUS) – Hot Air from the forthcoming album Cyanide Thornton (Bedroom Suck/Remote Control/Cargo/Omnian Music Group). Out November 9. NEW
17. SAMANTHA GLASS (USA)The Carpenter In All Of Us from the album Nine Memories Between Impression & Imprint (Holodeck). NEW
18. VIAGRA BOYS (SWE) – Sports from the album Street Worms (YEAR0001)
19. KESSELL (ESP) – Raising Our Consciousness from the EP Raising Our Consciousness (Granulart). NEW
20. CIEL (CAN)Hundred Flowers Groove from the forthcoming EP Hundred Flowers (Coastal Haze) Out on November 16. NEW
 (CAN) – Something I Wanted To Know from the forthcoming album We Get It Now (Oscar St.) Out on October 26. NEW
22. FOREST DRIVE WEST (ENG) – Circles, from the album Apparitions (Livity Sound). NEW
23. TĘSKNO (POL) – Kombinacje from the forthcoming album Mi (PIAS Poland) Out November 9. NEW
24. THE SHIFTERS (AUS) – Straight Lines from the album Have A Cunning Plan (Trouble In Mind).
25. KATE TEAGUE (USA) – Gilly, from the single Gilly (Muscle Beach).
26. BIG JOANIE (ENG) – Fall Asleep from the forthcoming album Sistahs (Daydream Library Series) Out on November 30.
27. PEINE PERDUE (FRA/GER) – Pics d’Acétone from the album Tokyo En Morceaux (Electronic EmergenciesNEW
28. SOME SPROUTS (GER) – She Longs For You from the forthcoming EP IMMT (Self Released). Out on October 19.
29. SPACEY JANE (AUS) – Keep A Clean Nose from the single Keep A Clean Nose (Self Released). NEW
30. CAOILFHIONN ROSE (ENG) – Raindance from the album Awaken (Gondwana). NEW


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