Walk around and see how it fades…

Atlanta experimental pop/rock quintet Deerhunter have announced the impending release of their eighth album, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? and shared its first single ‘Death In Midsummer’. The world is in an acute state of flux in every sense and lyrically the band continue to abstractly question and challenge a social and political status quo that seeks to bend that state to its will with its mindless poison. But as ever the diverse musical idiosyncrasies they bring to the table with their approach to each album make each sound as different as day is to night.

This record sees them focus more than ever on sounds rather than structure and content, reinventing their recording process and presenting the fucked up control and influence of modern commercial culture mechanically through a fog of stored keyboard sounds, a harpsichord and a vintage lo-fi drum sound. Raw guitar is then applied straight through the desk to further cloud the retro-futuristic vibe.

Deerhunter have always demanded effort and vision from their audience. They want those of us who come to their music to look deeply through that fog, to see vividly through the mire, to see what is really there, the superflousness nature of “working for the man”, the resultant time impoverishment. And ‘Death In Midsummer’ ambling at modern time’s cutting edge, more than continues that trajectory. Listen and watch the video to the track below and pre-order Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared here. It’s out January 18 through 4AD and Remote Control.

1. Death in Midsummer
2. No One’s Sleeping
3. Greenpoint Gothic
4. Element
5. What Happens To People?
6. Détournement 
7. Futurism
8. Tarnung
9. Plains
10. Nocturne


Death In Midsummer

Deerhunter (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?, 4AD / Remote Control.

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