The deeply emotional rollercoaster ride that is the debut album Unreality, from Kennedy Ashlyn’s solo project SRSQ (seer-skew) was released last week. While working on Amends, a tribute to her bandmate and partner Cash Askew and the final Them Are Us Too record released in June, Ashlyn was also working on Unreality, a record that is equal parts memory, pain and grief, equal parts restoration and renewal.

The deep and layered first single is the dual lined ‘Permission’, a track in two parts which sees Ashlyn begin virtually alone showcasing her vocal and electronic music dexterity, her vocals ranging as they do from the intense and operatic to the deep and deadpan. The vocal diversity is a highlight throughout as a danceable beat slowly takes shape alongside providing the basis for a plethora of earthly and otherworldly sounds to accompany the both oblique and inviting synth arrangements.

‘Permission’ comes complete with an absolutely stunning video directed by Leigh Violet which sees Ashlyn oscillating between day and night, the latter soon taking over exposing us to both Ashlyn’s raw emotional grief but also her great defiance and strength in the face of  having to unpack and process an incredibly painful loss. Watch the video below and get Unreality on vinyl through Dais Records here.

‘Permission’ is also in our New Independent Post-Punk/ Motorik/ Kosmiche/ Darkwave/ Coldwave/ Shoegaze & Post-Rock Playlist on Spotify and the soaring first single ‘Cherish’ is currently number 8 in our Top 30 from October 24.

1. Prelude
2. The Martyr
3. Cherish
4. Procession
5. Mixed Tide
6. No Reason
7. Permission
8. Only One




From the album, ‘Unreality’, Dais Records.

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