“Bring me your dreams so that I may hold them the way you hold me”.

Hamburg DJ/Producer Martin Stimming aka Stimming has teamed with his long time collaborator, Johannesburg based spoken word artist Lazarusman, for the beautifully adroit deep house inspired ‘Your Dreams’. It’s a stirringly emotive cut about the coming new age of what fatherhood and being a significant adult male in the lives of children must mean in the 21st Century. Tomorrow/today is Universal Children’s Day and UNICEF will mark it by having children be symbolically involved in as central actors in media, politics, business, sport and entertainment around the world to signify their lack of voice and power and in support of the hundreds of millions of children that are “unschooled, unprotected and uprooted.”

Audiojack had the following to say on the project;

Lazarusman first worked with Stimming 10 years ago and they have since both become dads, a thought which inspired him to write this poem. Both of us in Audiojack and Ali from Tiefschwarz have young children too. We’ll be inviting our children to work with us in the studio, DJ booth, club or office on this day, so keep look out for the videos. We’ll also be donating all proceeds from record sales of this EP on Children’s day to UNICEF.

The original version is split into two halves, the Lucid version and Vivid version as well as two remixes by fellow German siblings Ali and Basti Schwarz aka Tiefschwarz and the Leeds derived duo Audiojack. Check out the former below and buy the Gruvv released EP here.

‘Your Dreams’ currently heads 30 house cuts in our New Independent House Music Spotify Playlist. Go here for that.


Your Dreams (Lucid Version)

Stimming, Lazarusman (GER/RSA)

From the EP, ‘Your Dreams’, Gruuv.

Audio Stream