TOP 30 – NOVEMBER 21, 2018: VOL.10 NO.38

TOP 30 – NOVEMBER 21, 2018: VOL.10 NO.38


FINAL TOP 30 – THE FULL LIST (Including Release details)

1. OCELOT (FIN) – ‘Hämärä‘, from the single Hämärä (Soliti)
2. STEPHANIE SYKES (GER/ENG) – ‘Sikker from the compilation EP Common Purpose Series 3 (Dyad Recordings)
3. FONTAINES D.C (IRE) – ‘Too Real’  from the single Too Real (Pod/Inertia).
4. JESSICA PRATT (USA) – ‘This Time Around’ from the forthcoming album Quiet Signs (Mexican Summer) Out 2019.
5. SO CRATES, NELSON DIALECT, ALNITAK KID (AUS) – ‘Black Tapes’ from the single Black Tapes (Bedroom Suck/Remote Control)
6. STIMMING, LAZARUSMAN (GER/RSA) – ‘Your Dreams (Lucid Version) from the EP Your Dreams (Gruvv).
7. CHRIS GARNEAU (USA) – ‘No Universe’, from the album Yours (Creepy Crawler/Rough Trade).
8. KLAUDIA GAWLAS (POL) – ‘The Siren’, from the EP The Siren (Redimension)
9. CASS MCCOMBS (USA) – ‘Sleeping Volcanoes’, from the forthcoming album Tip Of The Sphere (Anti) Out 2019.
10. SRSQ (USA) – ‘Permission’ from the album Unreality (Dais Records).
11. FUTURE MUSEUMS (USA) – ‘Presidio’ from the EP Rosewater Ceremony Part II  (Holodeck).
12. YAN COOK (UKR) – ‘Time Bend, from the EP Dead Satellite (Delsin).
13. ESKAPIST (GER) – ‘Loggbight’ from the EP Eskapist: Volume 1 (Figure-Music).
14. ROSIE CARNEY (ENG/IRE) – ‘Zoey’, from the forthcoming album, Dare (Akira Records)
15. CAOILFHIONN ROSE (ENG) – ‘Raindance’ from the album Awaken (Gondwana).
16. PLANNING TO ROCK (ENG) – ‘Beulah Loves Dancing’, from the album Powerhouse (DFA Records)
17. METHYL ETHEL (AUS) – Real Tight’ from the forthcoming album Triage (4AD). Out 2019.
18. JULIET FOX (AUS) – ‘Robotic Mode’ from the EP Robotic Mode (Octopus Black)
19. CLÉA VINCENT (FRA) – ‘Nuits Sans Sommeil’, from the single Nuits Sans Sommeil (Midnight Special Records)
20. DAWN RICHARD (USA) – ‘New Breed’, from the single New Breed (Local Action)
21. HELENA DELAND (CAN) – ‘A Stone Is A Stone’ from the EP From The Series Of Songs: Altogether Unaccompanied (Luminelle)
22. KÆLAN MIKLA (ISL) ‘Draumadis’ from the album Nótt Eftir Nótt (Artoffact)
23. ELLA THOMPSON (AUS) – ‘Dare’ from the EP Hysteria (Pool Records)
24. SYLVAINE (NOR) – ‘Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone’ from the album Atoms Aligned, Come Undone (Season Of Mist).
25. SHXCXCHCXSH (SWE) – ‘OUFOUFOF’, from the album OUFOUFOF (Rösten).
26. OTHA (NOR) – ‘I’m On Top’ from the single I’m On Top (Self Released).
27. SPELLLING (USA) – ‘Haunted Water from the forthcoming album, Mazy Fly (Sacred Bones) Out 2019.
28. PHUNKADELICA (USA) – ‘Tec No Logico’, from the compilation Multinotes Exhibition (Multinotes)
29. HONUNGSVÄGEN (SWE) – ‘Inga Skor from the single Inga Skor (Hi-Hat Music).
30. GRIVO (USA) – ‘Render’, from the album Elude (Holodeck)

*After 10 years and over 400 weekly charts, this may indeed be the final Top 30 chart we release. A decision will be made as to whether the chart will continue in 2019 over the Southern Hemisphere summer break. More on this later in the week.


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