Paris based Belgian Techno DJ/Producer Jane Oak has released an addictive three cut set in the form of her new EP Do Not Revenge. It follows up on her impressive debut Low Pressure Zone released on Swiss label Caduceus earlier this year. The title track establishes the EP’s consistency immediately dominated as it is by its horizontal and mechanical acid driven arpeggio. The dub infused glassy elasticity of the tellingly titled ‘Liberty Liberty’ follows before the strange minimal ambience of ‘Now’s The Time’ brings things home with an otherworldly feel, its relentless rolling beat giving the swirling ambience a weird kind of two speed half-urgency. The attention to detail throughout is simply sublime. Listen to ‘Do Not Revenge’ below while you can hear ‘Liberty Liberty’ over at our New Techno Playlist on Spotify. Grab a copy of the EP on Berlin’s Flash Recordings here. Ultra-impressive stuff and highly recommended.


Do Not Revenge

Jane Oak (BEL)

From the EP, ‘Do Not Revenge’, Flash Recordings.

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