111. The New Is Not Born Yet

La Fraicheur (ENG)

From the album, ‘Self Fulfilling Prophecy’, InFiné Music. 

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110. Good To You

Kate Teague (USA)

From the single, ‘Good To You’, Muscle Beach.

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109. Tiki Taka

Tom Demac (ENG)

From the single, ‘Tiki Taka – XI’,  XII Series.

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108. Badlands

Frida (AUS)

From the EP, ‘these are all the things we’ve found’, Wyall Style Records.

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107. Torn Apart

Developer (ITA)

From the EP ‘Vapour Channel, Eclectic Limited.

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106. Hidden Beauties


From the EP, ‘Speicher 101’, Kompakt Extra.

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105. Discogedanken

Klaus Johann Große (GER)

From the album, ‘Du bist so symmetrisch’, Trouble In Mind.

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104. Raki

DJ3000 (USA)

From the EP, ‘Hajdë’, Motech.

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103. Renio

Neel (ITA)

From the EP, ‘Transition’, Token/N.E.W.S.

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102. Make Time 4 Love

The Goon Sax (AUS)

From the album, ‘We’re Not Talking’, Chapter Music/Wichita. 

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101. Great No One

The Beths (NZL)

From the album, ‘Future Me Hates Me’, Carpark.

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