“You’re a man of ambition
You’re gonna wear yourself thin
Told me you woke up crying
with crawling skin
You’re a man of rigour
and discipline
Still you woke up crying”
‘Andrew’ — Charlotte Cornfield

Last month Toronto artist Charlotte Cornfield released her breezy yet stirringly chord dominant new single ‘Andrew’, a compassionately instructive track about the inability to let their insecurities and imperfections show. She implores the track’s subject to stop avoiding their frailties and ignoring their emotions and focus their sight on the bigger picture by becoming a fully aware human being. It is lifted from her forthcoming third album, the beautifully titled, The Shape Of Your Name which is out on April 5 through indie Outside Music’s new Canadian imprint Next Door Records. The follow up to 2016’s Future Snowbird will feature contributions from Broken Social Scene members Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning and Charles Spearin. Listen to ‘Andrew’ and view the video below. Pre-orders will be available soon. Stay tuned.

Tracklist — The Shape of Your Name

1. June
2. Storm Clouds
3. Balladeer
4. Andrew
5. Silver Civic
6. Wheels
7. Up The Hill
8. Peonies
9. Release



Charlotte Cornfield (CAN)

From the forthcoming album, ‘The Shape Of Your Name’, Next Door Records. Out Apr. 5

Official Video