St. Étienne’s left field experimental electronic production duo of Benjamin Charriere and Etienne Laurent aka Losless, have been super busy already this year. Having released Sphere, a two track EP for Bamdad Sabbagh’s melodic house focused Emkan Records a couple of weeks back, they’ve quickly followed that up with a unique handwritten analogue take on both House and Techno in the form of Paradox, a six tracker for Traum Schallplatten who released their impressive Khoal EP last year. The quick fire nature of the releases is reflective of the relationships and ideas formulated during recent live performances in both their native France and Turkey.

While Sphere is cleaner and more digital in its intentions, the moving parts that drive Paradox are as much an outward display of the encylopaedic respect Losless has for the cerebral essence and necessary mechanics that serve to unite but also separate its two parent genres. It is also another example of their determination to capture precision in sound and initial composition. But most importantly, it also about allowing human imprecision to remain in the eventual representation and presentation of electronic musical forms. The latter point drives Charriere and  Laurent more than anything and makes their music so instantly appealing and connective despite the unpredictable mixture of the rough with the smooth and and the unlikely turns that produces. These three ambitions also ensure that no Losless release ever dwells in a particular “formula” or the all too often horrid “no-mans land” of rootless tech-house.

Look no further to Paradox’s middle section which features the sublime distorted glow of ‘Ghel’ and the hollowed out frequency driven minimal techno of ‘Opa13’ as masterclasses in respect for and realisation of atmosphere and groove. Two jaw dropping pieces of juxtaposed intent and sonic ambition and that serve to give Paradox its name. Listen to both the Paradox and Sphere releases on Spotify below or snippets of the former Soundcloud or the full title tracks for Sphere below.

Paradox is available here while Sphere is here. Both highly recommended.


Paradox EP

Losless (FRA)

Traum Schallplatten

Whole EP Stream



Sphere EP

Losless (FRA)

From the EP, ‘Sphere’, Emkan Records.

Whole EP Stream

“Sphere” – Audio Stream – Original Mix)

Losless on Indie30



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