Paris based Roman DJ/Producer Luigi Tozzi dropped his superbly technical and deeply affective new EP Tender Is The Night for Spanish label Non Series yesterday. Consisting of four ultra smooth cuts beginning with, on the more minimal A side, the exacting purr of the industrially tinged ‘Allergic’ and ‘Eos’, a track that sees Tozzi understate the sub bass perfectly as he creates atmosphere through the employment of a plethora of high and low oscillations, wrapping them in an enthralling rhythm.

The more ambient Side B is a lesson in the employment of atmosphere through the measured use of sleight of hand synths, sub bass frequencies and generous doses of understated acid. For the quietly relentless title track Tozzi utilises the beat as the central underpinning structure which he surrounds painstakingly with generous yet measured doses of acid of a liquid bent. Things end with ‘Black Market’, a cautionary yet heightened track adorned with all that is thrilling about the night and its unending expectation and uncertainties. Listen to the title track below and get the EP here.


Tender Is The Night

Luigi Tozzi (ITA)

From the EP, ‘Tender Is The Night’, Non Series.

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