Our current 30 track revolving playlist of multi-genre experimental and non techno and house electronic tracks starts with ‘Rheged’ the new release from London based producer and Red Bull Music Academy alumni Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow. Berlin-based duo of Sammy Goossens and Pascal Hetzel aka CYRK  flood him and we have some new material from Tom E. Vercetti, Lovedr0id & Chemist aka Silk Road Assassins.

Jamie Stewart’s Xiu Xiu has returned with a brand new record Girl With A Basket Of Fruit and the haunting ‘The Wrong Thing’ from it is followed by two cinematic offerings from avant-garde composers William Basinski and Yann Tiersen, the latters’ track is with his partner Emilie Tiersen. Malmö based free jazz outfit Eka Trio follow w/Karolina Almgren on vocals for their new single ‘Oumuamua’ while ‘Adrift Below A Constellation’ comes from Andrew Wasylyk‘s new record Paralian.

The more electronic part of the playlist starts with Frankfurt’s Phaebel, London producer Elsa Hewitt, Berlin duo Eric Goldstein and Bathseba Zippora aka Oake, fellow Berlin based artist Sheela Rahman aka Xosar, Melbourne producer Rory McPike aka Rings Around Saturn, Kampala producer Slikback, Romanian producer Cosmin Nicolae aka Cosmin TRG and Dutch producers Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers aka Weval.

This list continues with Los Angeles based trio Unloved, Portuguese Terrain Ahead label boss IVVVO, Seattle producer Jordan Czamanski aka Jordan GCZ, Adelaide hip hop producer Nelson Dialect getting some help from architech, Swedish based American Sawyer Gebauer, aka Catch Prichard, London quintet Housewives, German David Moufang aka Move D, Budapest producer Norwell, Berlin via Munich producer and Discwoman signee mobilegirl, Uk trio Vula Viel, Indonesian artist Kel Assouf, Colombian producer Pedro Ojeda aka Romperayo, Russian artist Pavel Fedoseev, aka KIKOK andEnglish producer, composer Mira Calix who is back on Warp Records.

The list is below. Access it here on Spotify’s web version. Always new, always updated.

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