We first drew our readers attention to Virgin Pool, the experimental DIY electronic and folk project of Los Angeles based composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Christine Aprile, last March when her track ‘Cloak & Dagger‘ appeared on the very first Holodeck Records compilation, the bursting at the seams with all things good in cutting edge 21st century music, Holodeck Vision One.

Now the former Silent Diane frontwoman has announced the forthcoming release of her debut EP Endless Evenings. The first single from it is the hauntingly transient ‘The Wanderer’ with its nimble and expansive guitar work complemented by the twinning of dark synths with otherworldly effects, aspects indicative of her penchant for combining idiosyncratic soundscapes with traditional song structures.

The track is accompanied by a self directed video with sees Aprile and cinematographer Jeff Cravath traverse a silhouetted desert landscape where its seemingly endless space and large natural structures are set against closeted, carefully constructed and almost claustrophobic close ups. Watch below.

Endless Evenings is out April 19 through Holodeck Records. Pre-order here.

Tracklist – Endless Evenings EP

1. Keeping Still
2. Sweet Decay
3. Endless Evenings
4. The Wanderer


The Wanderer

Virgin Pool (USA)

From the forthcoming EP, ‘Endless Evenings’, Holodeck. Out Apr. 19.

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Official Video