Mesmerising New Zealand artist Aldous Harding has just announced the release of her forthcoming album Designer, the follow up to the the brilliant Party from 2017. Be completely transfixed by the appropriately idiosyncratic video she has shot with Martin Sagadin for the dainty yet sauntering first single ‘The Barrel’. Harding is an artist for the ages in every sense of the word. Wow! This is just fucking amazing! Pre-order the album here.

Tracklist – Aldous Harding – Designer

1. Fixture Picture
2. Designer
3. Zoo Eyes
4. Treasure
5. The Barrel
6. Damn
7. Weight of the Planets
8. Heaven is Empty
9. Pilot


The Barrel

Aldous Harding (NZL)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Designer’, Flying Nun/4AD. Out on April 26.

Official Video