“I’m going astray without you”

Last week left field Los Angeles House and electronic imprint 100% Silk released the long awaited seven track collaborative EP between American based and Estonian born artist Maria Minerva and the late left field House producer Chelsea Faith Dolan aka Cherushii who tragically passed away along with 35 other beautiful souls in the Oakland fire of late 2016. Simply titled Cherushii and Maria Minerva, it contains five newly released original mixes from the pair and a vocal rework they did of ‘Nobody’s Fool, a Cherushii original from 2015. It also contains an appropriately downtempo ambient edit of the EP’s opener ‘A Day Without You’ by Brian Foote aka Leech. The pair’s work of great honesty and integrity was painstakingly put together by Minerva herself with more than able assistance from Foote, David Last, Adam Gunther and Eric Hanson.

Appropriately ascribed by the label’s owners Britt and Amanda Brown as a ‘dance floor union’ between Dolan and Minerva, it’s an immensely pleasurable ride throughout and both an appropriate celebration of the close personal and artistic relationship Minerva enjoyed with Dolan and another reminder of the immense talent we have lost. It’s also a reminder if we ever needed one of what the inimitable Minerva has consistently brought to the table over many years and doubles as a taste of the off-kilter beauty we can continue to look forward to.

Check out the joyously swooning opener, ‘A Day Without You’ in our New Independent & Underground House Playlist on Spotify here while the EP’s centrepiece, the woozily wonderful ‘Boyfriend Shirt’ can be streamed below. Get a copy of this super special release on vinyl or digitally here. At the time of writing there were just eight copies left on vinyl (now seven actually after our purchase) so get in quick. US Shipping only.


1. A Day Without You
2. This Must Be The Place
3. Boyfriend Shirt
4. Out By Myself
5. Nobody’s Fool (Vocal version)
6. Thin Line
7. A Day Without You (Leech Edit)


Boyfriend Shirt

Cherushii & Maria Minerva (USA/EST)

From the EP, ‘Cherushii & Maria Minerva’, 100% Silk.

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