Brooklyn based DJ/Producer Maya Bouldry-Morrison aka Octo Octa, today released For Lovers, her brand new three track EP for Technicolour. We first had a taste of the EP in late January with the release of the open and lovingly rich opening track ‘I Need You’ and now the left field House aficionado shares the gorgeous warmth of ‘Bodies Meld Together’. It’s a welcome return that builds upon her album Where Are We Going from 2017 which was No. 13 in our best of 2017 album list and the split Devotion EP, her collaborative work last year with Eris Drew. It’s also a demonstratively inspirational example of the continuing growth and the ongoing process of personal healing from what has been a very tumultuous period of transition in her life.

Listen to ‘Bodies Meld Together’ below and get a copy of For Lovers, out through Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour here.

Tracklist – Octo Octa – For Lovers

1. I Need You
2. Bodies Meld Together
3. Loops For Healing


Bodies Meld Together

Octo Octa (USA)

From the EP, ‘For Lovers’, Technicolour.

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