We first laid ears on the superlative talents of emerging electronic producer Sofia Kourtesis through her track ‘WinWin San’ a standout from the superb Studio Barnhus compilation Volym 1 of last year. Now the Peruvian born Berlin based Kourtesis releases her ultra accomplished four track self titled debut left field house EP, also for Studio Barnhus and more than delivering on the promise of that track.

It opens with the functional yet loose groove of rattler ‘Lana Gaye’, a hypnotic track that sports an assortment of chopped up vocal samples that are pulled from pillar to post. The glowing and no less involved ‘Trains And Airports’ takes things down a notch beautifully with its nocturnally smooth disposition before the dazzling ‘Ios Santos’ featuring Spanish producer Kid Simius enters the fray quietly imposing its trans-Atlantic inspired field recordings and its uber cool vocal arrangements over its lush yet streamlined melody and its subtle busy rhythm. Closer ‘Home Is Where I Can Dance’ is no less effective in continuing the EP’s exhilarating trance inducing feel.

Along with the recently released and reviewed New Visions EP from Lisbon producer Violet, this EP stands out as one of the finest electronic releases so far this year. Listen to ‘Trains And Airports below and check out ‘Ios Santos’ in our New Independent and Underground House Playlist here. Buy the EP here. Highly recommended.


Trains And Airports

Sofia Kourtesis (PER/GER)

From the EP, ‘Sofia Kourtesis’, Studio Barnhus.

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