We kick off this update of our multinational and multifaceted New Techno playlist moving seamlessly from Italy up the The Netherlands across to the Czech Republic further up to Denmark and then down to France. In addition to the opening five tracks from producers that emanate from these five nations, in the other 25 we also feature artists from as far and wide as Spain, Croatia, Russia, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, England, Japan, United States, Argentina and Canada. We begin with ‘Floating In The Red River’ a piece of hybrid electronic brilliance sporting a killer breakbeat interlude wedged between two doses of heavy techno from Italian producer Netsh off his new EP for Arts, Artificial Sin. Dutch producer Albert Van Abbe is next with  followed by the experimental minimalism of ‘Goldleaf Paperwaste’ from his new EP Bloodhoney Triggerbee. Czech producer Alfred Czital follows with the title track off his new Lippa EP before Danish producer Schacke makes an appearance with the propulsive and powerful ‘To The Outer Limits And Back’ from his Welcome To The Pleasure Dome four tracker. Then French left field experimentalist Bambounou returns with the organic ‘Temple’ off his new EP for Whities, 21.

The mysterious Ones. follows with the intense minimalism of ‘Chons’ before Spanish producer P.E.A.R.L. gets in on the act with ‘Moral Standards’ off the Limits of Existence Vol 4 compilation from Falling Ethics. Dutch producer Barbara Ford re-released her outstanding  to streaming earlier this month and her ultra smart piece of techno excellence ‘Fashion Week’ follows. Russian born Danish producer Anastasia Kristensen then follows with the both the original and the In Breaks version of the title track from her new Ascetic EP which we covered here. The exhilarating ‘Cricoid Pressure from American producer Rrose is next from Laurel Halo’s DJ Kicks selection before the straight up ambience of ‘Radio Static’, the most techno based track on our album of our week release World from the French/Belgian duo of Memorial Home.

French producer Perrin Sauviat aka La Fraicheur has teamed up with fellow Berlin based expatriate Leonard de Leonard for ‘Murky’, a dark and moody track looking at both the uncertainty and heightened thrills of the queer experience in their temporarily adopted city. Milan producer Wrong Assessment is next with the locomotive like ‘Ubik’ off his new EP of the same name while Croatian DJ/Producer Insolate follows ‘Flare’, the four to the floor title track off her new EP. Then Blicz returns with the grinding ‘Yellow Revolution’ off his new EP Modern Revolt. Argentinian-born, Barcelona-based producer Pfirter is next with ‘New Physics’ off his new long player The Empty Space.

Peter Van Hoesen then makes an appearance with the precision of ‘Opal Balance’, the title track off his new EP and fellow Dutch producer Jeff Rushin follows with the dual paced ‘Lead Me’ off his new four tracker Speaking Of Witch and he is backed up by Berlin based Canadian Ombossa with his new inverted yet gleaming new track ‘ZI’. Italian producer Roberto Clementi‘s Plebiscite EP saw release a couple of weeks back and the insistent title track is next. Swedish producer Samuel Larsen aka Samuel L. Session backs on groove laden thumper ‘Dumbek’ the first release on SYTK.

The remaining tracks come from Austrian born producer Florian Meindl,  Bristol equivalent Pessimist (‘Austerity’ is killer), German producer Heiko Laux, a reprise of sorts from American producer Max Ravitz aka Patricia, fellow Americans Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa aka Lost Souls Of Saturn, Russian producer Pavel Milyakov,  Japanese equivalent DJ Sodeyama, Frenchman Luxus Varta and Portuguese producer Lewis Fautzi. With these diverse set of tracks, a stronger finish to a techno playlist you won’t find.

Access the playlist below or if you prefer to use the Spotify web player go here. Every track removed from this 30 track limit playlist can be found in the Techno playlist, Tracks of 2019 series here.