Stream Of Polarity, a title perfectly in keeping with the approach they take to produce multifariously fine electronic music, is their name of the new two track EP by St Étienne electronic production duo Losless. Readers of this blog will be no strangers to the work of Benjamin Charriere and Etienne Laurent, such is our admiration for their consistent and pluralistically prolific output. Out through Oslo based Wold Records, this is their third release for 2019 already and follows up January’s two tracker Sphere on Emkan and the six track LP Paradox for Traum Schallplatten.

This EP contains the ponderous and atmospherically rich title track as well as ‘Cassiope’, a pensively tense affair structured around simmering arpeggio, sorties of ripping pitch synth and a well drilled yet restless rhythm. As always, the attention to sonic detail is ever present across the two meticulously curated compositions which makes Stream Of Polarity, like all Losless releases, a must have for discerning enthusiasts of electronic music.

Stream ‘Cassiope’ below and buy a copy digitally here. You can find the title track sitting pretty at the head of our New Underground & Independent House Playlist using Spotify here.



Losless (FRA)

From the EP, ‘Stream Of Polarity’, Wold Records.

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