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Winnipeg singer songwriter Taylor Janzen announced herself musically with some real authority during the second half of 2018 with her debut 4 track EP Interpersonal a stripped back, sparse, deeply personal and heart-wrenching affair. In late November she indicated a determination to expand her approach and sound with the upbeat ‘New Mercies’. That, along with the subject of this post, its intensely moving title track released today, will feature on her forthcoming EP Shouting Matches.

A dramatic driving melody, a searching atmosphere and Janzen’s soul-stirring voice await you below as does an explanation she gave about the meaning behind the track. You’ll also find a stunning live rendition of it she recently performed for Paste Magazine in Austin there too. Shouting Matches, a reference to her struggles with mental health and her fundamentalist religious upbringing, will be released on May 3 through 2MM. The title track is available here.

“This song is about being a little too attached to my sadness. I think sometimes when I’m so used to feeling a certain way and turning it into art or something useful, I start to feel a little trapped inside of it. It’s almost like I don’t know who I am outside of my feelings. This song is just me shifting through that, and trying to find a balance.” Taylor Janzen on “Shouting Matches”.

Tracklist – Shouting Matches EP

1. New Mercies
2. Shouting Matches
3. Dennis Quaid
4. Prodigal Son
5. Toronto


Shouting Matches

Taylor Janzen (CAN)

From the forthcoming EP, ‘Shouting Matches’, 2MM. Out May 3.

Audio Stream

Live Performance in Austin for Paste Magazine (full performance here)

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