Kalamazoo techno DJ/Producer Tyler Dancer continues his upward trajectory in the thrill-a-minute world of underground, experimental and left field techno with the release of his new three track EP 62 Miles High. What’s arguably most notable is how he manages to create muscular extensions and penetrating grooves with the most delicate of touches. The heavy elasticity of ‘Kármán Line’ with its divine sub bass and overlapping melodies is in our New Techno playlist here and sample the simmering straight lines that provide the basis for the rigorous clanging  rhythm that characterises ‘Shiva’s Hands’ below. The swirling dub and jazz like inflections of ‘Nyx’ completes proceedings. London’s esteemed Don’t Be Afraid Records is the home of 62 Miles High and it’s available on vinyl and digitally here.


Shiva’s Hands

Tyler Dancer (USA)

From the EP, ’62 Miles High’, Don’t Be Afraid.

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