Late last month, Malmö based experimental jazz outfit, the Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet released their compositionally and musically dextrous new EP Share Your Past. Centring around the considerable talents of multi—instrumentalist Fanny Gunnarsson, who also plays keys in the jazz-pop band We Float as well as lending her talents to a number of other projects, Share Your Past is her third release and follows up two full length albums, the award winning Mirrors in 2016 and the 2014 debut Same Eyes As You.

Composed in various places over the last three years beginning during Gunnarsson’s time in Paris, the four tracks each represent very different musical entities with Gunnarsson making an impressive vocal contribution on the stunningly supple and immediate title track. At once, true to their knowledgeable jazz roots but not content to simply rest there, the innovative and creative shifts within and between each track make Share Your Past both a complex but incredibly accessible listening experience imbued as it is with a generous amount of pop sensibility. Opener ‘Rue Du Jour’ positively saunters along, at once expansive and super busy yet also compact and restrained. ‘Years’ is a nostalgic delight and is the more straight jazz focused track of the four while the fascinating and almost psychedelic ’Summer Lawns’ invokes a more than a semblance of the surreal. The considerable talent assembled around Gunnarsson, Karolina Almgren (soprano sax), Kristian Rimshult (double bass) and Hannes Olbers (drums) give great life, depth and crossover delivery to her unique compositional style, indicative of a chemistry that is readily apparent among the significant talent that abounds in Malmo’s modern jazz scene.

Listen to the title track below, stream the whole EP here and buy Share Your Past digitally here. Highly recommended.


1. Rue Du Jour
2. Share Your Past
3. Years
4. Summer Lawns


Share Your Past

Fanny Gunnarsson (SWE)

From the EP, ‘Share Your Past’, Self Released.

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