Portland based singer songwriter Kassi Valazza recently released her super impressive new single ‘Chino’. It’s delicate yet expansive affair, an instructively powerful and spacious mixture of western inspired country and tinges of psych rock. As bruising and self aware as it is wistful and warmly nostalgic, the track will appear on her forthcoming debut album Dear Dead Days due out next month. According to Valazza, the record captures not only the essence of the vastness of the Arizona countryside where she was raised but also the stultifying nature that can come from being obsessively and unhealthily stuck in moments past;

“Nostalgia is a common theme throughout the album and I’ve always been fascinated by what my father calls, “the dear dead days”  and how obsessing over moments past can seem comforting but can often lead to unhealthy behaviour or a resistance to change.” 

Listen to ‘Chino’ below and pre-order Dear Dead Days by contributing to Valazza’s Go Fund Me page here. It will appear courtesy of Poor Town Records on May 7. The album launch occurs at Portland’s The Liquor Store that same night.



Kassy Valazza (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Dear Dead Days’ Poor Town Records. Out May 7.

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