Berlin based English DJ/Producer Paula Temple has released her long awaited full length debut album Edge Of Everything. The title and its abrasive textures perfectly capture the parlous state of existence in the face of an unfolding human induced environmental catastrophe and the slow death of participatory democracy. One where capitalist economics and neoliberal ideology has seen politics fail and rendered governments impotent, unable to reign in powerful corporate forces who continue to spread lies and misinformation, create permanent economic inequality, encourage social dislocation, foment moral and ethical decay and despite the science, invest in and utilise resources that will ensure the destruction of life as we know it.

As sprawling as it is cohesive, Edge Of Everything is an album in every sense. Whether in hard and relentless mode or the contemplative ambience of the interludes, there is a sense of menace at every turn representing in definitive form, the undeclared state emergency that is underway. The snarling anger of ‘Futures Betrayed’, the blaring and brutish ‘Cages’ and the apocalyptic groove delivered by ‘Post-Scarcity Anarchism’ best represent the former while the eerie atmosphere of opener ‘Berlin’, the swelling synths of ‘Open The Other Eye’ and the lurking gaze emanating from within ‘Nicole’ the latter. Combining both aspects best is the dystopian cinematic melodies of ‘Raging Earth and the big room darkness of ‘Quantum Unfolding’. And if anyone is in any doubt what lies in store should humans not get their shit together, witness closer ‘Dimension Jumping’. Bubbling melodies are gradually distorted beyond recognition and engulfed an alienating and doom laced cacophony of sound. A sonic metaphor for what’s to come.

Temple’s determination to pull no punches in exposing the sheer absurdity and hypocrisy at the heart of humankind’s dangerous flirtation with the point of no return renders Edge Of Everything a salient musical document in every sense of the word. The fact she does it in such consistent yet abstract fashion makes it a fascinatingly frightening listen. Listen to ‘Futures Betrayed’ below and get your digital copy here through Temple’s own trusted imprint Noise Manifesto. Unsurprisingly, the 2×12″ vinyl is already sold out.



1. Berlin
2. Joshua & Goliath (Techno Version)
3. Joshua & Goliath (Slow Version)
4. Futures Betrayed
5. Open The Other Eye
6. Quantum Unfolding
7. Don’t Use Your Eyes Now
8. Nicole
9. Raging Earth
10. Cages
11. Post-Scarcity Anarchism
12. Dimension Jumping


Futures Betrayed

Paula Temple (ENG)

From the album, ‘Edge Of Everything’, Noise Manifesto.

Audio Stream

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