Late last month Melbourne outfit No Local, the project of Liam Halliwell and the late Zac Denton (The Ocean Party, Ciggie Witch, Pregnancy, Hobby Farm) released their gorgeously off-beat second album The End Again. Recorded just before the prolific Denton’s passing in the second half of 2018, it’s the first of a number of forthcoming releases that will feature his considerable musical prints.

The 10 tracks boast a smart and tight rhythmic disposition, bass lines that both roll and turn, synths that both twinkle and engulf and memorable hooks and melodies provided by both guitar and saxophone. They sit smartly and playfully with all sincerity alongside the irreverent and ironic subject matter, delivered with both confident aplomb and a sense a fragile beauty by two musicians at the very top of their game ably assisted by a friendly smorgasbord of super guest talent.

Emma Russack, Ashley Bundang, Lauren Huynh, Rhea Caldwell and Sophie Treloar provided vocals on the record while Halliwell and Denton’s Ocean Party bandmate Jordan Thompson took his hand to arranging several tracks. The oddly sensational no wave like sax comes courtesy of Tren Garner.

While every track is gold, give the plaintive yet glowing pop of latest single ‘Nothing More To Give’ a spin below. You’ll quickly find that by impulsively and instinctively going here, you’ve bought yourself a digital copy through Osborne Again.  The vinyl has already sold out.

You can also hear the album’s scintillating closer ‘Triple Gemini’ in our New Independent Pop/Rock Playlist on Spotify here.


1. The End
2. Still Dead
3. New Low
4. Nothing More To Give
5. The End Again
6. Jealous God
7. I Can’t Make Anything Better
8. Fingernails 
9. Physical Parts (Live)
10.Triple Gemini


Nothing More To Give

No Local (AUS)

From the album, ‘The End Again’, Osborne Again.

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