photo by hampton and katie mills

Last week saw Los Angeles via Austin electronic artist Josh Mills aka Missions, share the long awaited decade in the making first single ‘Truther’ from his forthcoming debut solo album Subcreature. A dichotomous affair, it’s as open, inviting and expansive as it focused, introspective and restrained, Mills combines a punchy and muscular low end with a smooth unhurried rhythmic swing and compact yet heavy beat. These elements are deceptively twinned with an array of complementary synths simultaneously lush and minimal in tone and style as an otherworldly electronic vocal serves as an unlikely but fitting vehicle for Mills to conduct his imploringly empathetic and honest inquest. The release of ‘Truther’ is accompanied by a darkly luminescent and silhouette driven video, directed and edited by Fabian Leon Villa of Essentials Creative and starring Jasmin Anh as muse.  Watch and listen below. Subcreature is out August 2 on Holodeck. Pre-orders are available here.


1. Truther
2. Slime
3. Spoken
4. Dark Blak
5. Subcreature
6. Feelin’
7. Confused
8. Splash
9. M’aidez
10. Glimmer



Missions (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Subcreature’, Holodeck Records. Out August 2.

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Official Video