Hot on the heels of their split 4 tracker with New York City’s The Juan Maclean, Mexican left field electronic duo Jenice & Caniba aka Zombies In Miami have released Space Is The Place, their new three track EP for Prins Thomas’s Norwegian label Internasjonal. As the EP’s name suggests, the three tracks cater to an escapist bent. The versatile duo employ a range of  approaches and situate each within a cohesive, super cool electronic, house and disco vibe. The feeling of constant movement throughout is built around around rumbling bass lines and beats compact and consistent forming a groove that is both hypnotic and transformative. Synths pulsate and sparkle, swirl and soar and are complemented by a kaleidoscopic array of psych and spaced out effects. An intoxicating listen in every respect.

Stream the impressive EP below and buy a vinyl copy here. Opening track ‘Real de Catorce’ in our New House Playlist on Spotify.


Space Is The Place EP

Zombies In Miami (MEX)


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