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Over their four year existence, Bangor raised and London based guitar pop quintet Swimming Tapes have released a steady stream of standalone singles, none of which we can remember disliking. And their beaming and beautiful new single ‘Keep Her Closer’ is no exception. In fact, with its indelible heart-warming vibe and crystalline delivery its up there with their best. Glistening guitar melodies shining with sentiment, an enticingly full and innately true rhythm and gorgeously translucent vocals delivered in plaintive earnest means in this musical realm you’ve got as close to as good as your gonna get. ‘Keep Her Closer’ will appear as the penultimate track on their long awaited debut album Morningside out later this week.

Listen below and pre-order the record here. It’s out May 24 through Hand In Hive. You can find this track in our New Independent Pop/Rock playlist on Spotify. Follow that here.


1. Passing Ships
2. It Gets Old
3. See It Out
4. Mirador
5. Out of Line
6. 10.05.17
7. Silhouette
8. Say It Isn’t So
9. Pyrenees
10. Keep Her Closer
11. In The New Year 


Keep Her Closer

Swimming Tapes (NIR)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Morningside’ Hand In Hive.

Audio Stream

Audio Stream