Last week or so Indoor Voices, the Toronto shoegaze project led by Jonathan Relph completed the release cycle for his new double A sided single ‘Better’ with its upload to streaming services. Digitally released in April, it comes just eight months after the release of his impressive full length Gaslight Ephemera, which appeared in a number of yearly best of lists. The enveloping duality of the title track is a wondrous hybrid of dream pop and shoegaze underpinned by its two speed rhythm and voluminous sound. The slow lilting snare and floating vocals are counteracted by constant kick and insistently applied bass creating a surreal urgency for Relph’s delay and reverb drenched guitar to work in its subtle melodies and layers of effects. ‘Better’ is accompanied by the beatless instrumental ambience of ‘He Won’t Fight’ which virtually serves as its introduction and is available to buy here. Listen to ‘Better’, which was mastered by Simon Scott of Slowdive, below.

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Indoor Voices (CAN)

From the single, ‘Better’,  Self Released.

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