Adelaide born and Melbourne based guitarist/vocalist Stephanie Crase aka Summer Flake has shared the infectious and reflective first single ‘In The Dark’ from her forthcoming third album Seasons Change. It follows up her superb 2016 effort Hello Friends which featured in our Top 30 albums of that year. The first taste of the album keeps a cracking pace but is still somehow understated and restrained, highlighting Crase’s ability to combine rhythmic precision with supple riffs and agile melodies. The album came together thematically after a long, difficult and often interrupted writing period where she penned a number of tracks that seemed unconnected. However, taking an objective step back she realised how they formed a pattern around the themes of self-identity, self-confidence and the constant search for personal growth. In Crase’s own words;

“I thought all the songs were such separate, free-standing, very different ideas. I’m slow to write, and usually just play with one idea at a time. I didn’t realise until near the end of production how tightly connected and repetitive the themes and lyrics were.”

Recorded in a number of studios in Melbourne as well as at her home, Seasons Change sees the same rhythm section that gelled so well on Hello Friends return. James Mannix on drums and Antony Bourmas on bass provide the perfect backdrop of flexibility and stability needed to underpin Crase’s beguiling guitar work. Engineered once again by Geoffrey O’Connor and Evelyn Ida Morris, it arrives via Rice Is Nice on August 30. Listen to ‘In The Dark’ below and pre-order the album here.


1. Mind Reader
2. In The Dark 02:33
3. Hand In The Fire
4. Domino
5. Heaven Knows
6. I Can’t Go On
7. You’re A Star
8. Try Me Now
9. Don’t Let Me Down


In The Dark

Summer Flake (AUS)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Seasons Change’, Rice Is Nice. Out Aug 30.

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