Our New Independent Pop/Rock Spotify playlist has just been updated. It contains superb new music from Montreal pop outfit Bodywash, San Bernadino’s Manuel Joseph Walker’s Foliage, Melbourne via Adelaide’s Stephanie Crase aka Summer Flake, Chicago math rock/art pop quartet Spirits Having Fun, Brooklyn sludge popsters Haybaby, Stavanger pop trio Sløtface, idiosyncratic Californian artist Mauri Tapia aka Los Retros, Eternal Summers frontwoman Nicole Yun, Melina Mae Duterte aka Jay Som and Gothenburg quartet Holy Now.

The playlist also includes (in order of appearance) Rave Ami  Wilding  The Sour Notes  Jeanines  Rosemary Fairweather  Pip Blom  Tennis Club  WYO  Penelope Isles  Modernage  Miss June  J. Robbins  Plastic Cactus  White Reaper  Minihorse  Jenn Grant  Deanna Petcoff  Chateau Chateau  WHY? and Soccer Cousins.

The New Independent Pop/Rock Playlist is below and on the web player here. All tracks removed from this playlist are moved to the Tracks of 2019 Series: Pop/Rock. That’s below as well and also here.

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