Portuguese DJ/Producer Temudo has released a new extended EP called Drama. Boasting four original and functional cuts that exemplify not only his academic background in both sound and art but also his extensive knowledge of the techno genre, it also contains three remixes of the EP’s all-encompassing opening salvo ‘Mkey’s Routine’. It’s his third solo EP of 2019 and comes just a month after the excellent Antenna Research for Planet Rhythm. All four originals here both diverge from and build on those three tracks, each possessing dynamic subtleties and  definitive verve and vitality compositionally and sonically. The organic shifts in texture and form and the flexibility of percussion in both sound and movement renders Drama an intensely fascinating listen for techno’s most hard to please enthusiasts and its most hedonistic of club goers.

Aside from the mesmerising atmospherics at work on its aforementioned opener, Drama contains the woozy ‘Part Of Me Loves Drama’ with its multifarious layers and volume driven beat textures as well as  the granulated percussion of the ultra minimalist ‘Kikka’s Effort’. Closing out the original tracks is the awe inducing ‘No Age, No Limit, No Death’. Its low flying circular whirr and booming restraint that trace its first half give way to a fully fledged sonic war machine in its second leaving proceedings on a memorable plane.

The remixes take the opener to three very different places and come three producers who form part of the HAYES crew, -2, VIL and Osse. Listen to ‘Part Of Me Loves Drama’ below and check out ‘No Age, No Limit, No Death in our New Techno Playlist on Spotify here. Purchase a copy of Drama out on HAYES here. Highly recommended.


1. Mkey’s Routine
2. Part Of Me Loves Drama
3. Kikka’s Effort
4. No Age, No Limit, No Death
5. Mkey’s Routine (-2 Remix)
6. Mkey’s Routine (VIL Remix)
7. Mkey’s Routine (Osse Remix)


Part Of Me Loves Drama

Temudo (POR)

From the EP, ‘Drama’, HAYES.

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